The organization came into existence in 1994 when a small group of Nigerians came together for the purpose of forming an investment club. After the second meeting, it evolved into a social club after membership decided that the social aspect would offer far more substantial benefits to members, for example, more interaction on a more frequent basis.


(President) Kunle Ogundele olakunle1@gmail.com or President@nubians.org 

(Vice President) Sigmund Adepoju  sigmund.adepoju@yahoo.com or Vicepresident@nubians.org

(Treasurer) Hakeem Oshikoya hakeemkoya@hotmail.com  orTreasurer@nubians.org

(Secretary) Dr. Tokunbo Yerokun doctortoks@gmail.com  or secretary@nubians.org

(Publicity Secretary)  Dr. Lekan Ali klalli@aol.com or Publicitysecretary@nubians.org


Kayode Adekunle (Consultant)  kayode@nubians.org or kadekunle@yahoo.com

Sigmund Adepoju (Real Estate Specialist) sadepoju@email.com

Dr. Ademola Adeniji (Pharmacist) ademola_adeniji@hotmail.com

Dr. Buky Folami (Professor) bukyf@aol.com

Martin Nonye-John (Automotive Consultant) nonyemartin@yahoo.com

Dr. Banjo Sonubi (Pharmacist) asonubi@comcast.net

Dr. Emmanuel Onifade (Professor/CPA) emmanuel_onifade@comcast.net

Dr. Chris Nwankwo (Pharmacist) cnwankwo@bellsouth.net

Kenny Aderibigbe (Real Estate Consultant) keny30078@yahoo.com

Jimmy Yerokun (Engineer) jimiy@aol.com

Kunle Ogundele olakunle1@gmail.com 

Hakeem Oshikoya hakeemkoya@hotmail.com  

Dr. Tokunbo Yerokun doctortoks@gmail.com 

Dr. Lekan Ali klalli@aol.com